July 9, 2014

What is your 'Mission Quality'?!...

Having clarity of mission & vision is pertinent not only for the organization but also for ‘Quality function’ within the organization. In my humble opinion, it provides an individual all the answers to live & work.
About 8 months back, I have taken new role to lead Quality function for my current organization. We are a medium size IT enterprise providing services for product engineering, platform integration and digital transformation. During my first 90 days, I continuously asked this question to myself, my team members and key stakeholders i.e. if we close-down ‘Quality function’ today, what will the ‘organization’ miss?
I found following answers -
1. We help organization to mitigate risks and solve today’s problems those are creating hindrance to delivery value to customer.
2. We enable organization to scale by developing process and technology capability.
3. We support organization to adapt to the changing environment and be relevant.
In other words - "Create Capable and Sustainable Organization" has become our mission. This keeps us going. It motivates me to come to work everyday. This mission and associated vision guides me in never ending journey to create & contribute, add value and attain results, learn & grow, play & be happy.


Godavarma CK said...

Question is how do we bring all the functions in the organization with the same mission- capable and sustainable one. At times, it's some of the function's / dept tp choice / intent to stay in silos

Naresh Choudhary said...

Could not agree more Haresh.
Having a mission, vision definitely helps the team. It creates a sense of purpose and brings the team together. With a good, inspirational leader the team can then move on to achieve their goals one at a time!

Haresh Amre said...

@Godavarma -
It's a responsibility of Quality professional to align all functions and business teams. We need to act as change agents as well as catalyst. Need to share risks and disadvantages of operating in silos. Our value proposition should based on market, customers and offerings. Capability building around offerings is an easy way to create buy-in.

@Naresh -
I want to emphasise on content of mission and vision not merely mission / vision. This is a significant responsibility for any Quality Leader who is leading the function. Mission and / or vision that lacks value focus, improvement & innovation orientation and long term sustainability leads to myopic approach to Quality and its contribution.